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What is a mystery shopper?

What is a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper is a customer trained in mystery shopping techniques in order to measure the quality of service delivered by a particular brand. By applying a specific scenario, he/she comes into contact with the staff, consumes a product or service and objectively observes the way in which he/she is taken care of. At ease in many environments, rigour, objectivity and a sense of observation are their main qualities. He/she delivers his/her objective observations in order to analyse the quality of the brand’s service and allows them to improve the experience offered to its customers. Thanks to you, the company brand will finally know what’s going on in the shop. By joining BVA Mystery Shopping, you are trained and supported in carrying out your missions. Work at your own rhythm by using your personal online space.

How does a mystery shopper conduct a survey?

1. Choose the missions that interest you

A dedicated personal online space allows you to choose the missions that interest you, completely independently.


2. Receive confirmation of the attribution

The selected missions are assigned to you in accordance with your profile and geographical location.


3. Carry out your mission

Our teams support you in carrying out your missions and ensure that your investigation runs smoothly.

4. Top up your income

You will receive an employment contract. You are paid at the beginning of the month and reimbursed for any expenses incurred.

The Mystery Shopper’s Guide

Would you like to know more about our activities? Follow the guide!

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Interviewers’ testimony

The training in Mystery Shopping techniques has allowed me to broaden my professional skills. A relationship of trust was established very quickly between me and my field officer, which allowed me to move on to missions with more responsibility.

Interviewers' testimony

Claire N.