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With more than twenty years of experience, BVA Mystery Shopping is the French leader in mystery shopper surveys in France and internationally.
We provide daily support to retail players worldwide, but also to banking, catering, luxury goods and transport in understanding and improving customer relations in both physical and remote points of sale.

Our operational approach brings you concrete solutions to improve the performance of your customer experience. All our systems are tailor-madeto meet your needs. Your program is supported by an expert in customer experience and your activity sector. This dual expertise in Study and Sector is the assurance of rapid deployment, the dedication of your teams and reliable indicators allowing you to manage your performance.

Your mystery shopper studies can be judiciously complemented by global measures, to measure the customer experience by adding dimensions such as the voice of the employee or customer satisfaction.

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BVA Mystery Shopping support

A team of consultants works with you to define the system best suited to your challenges, accompanies you in its implementation and defines the action plans resulting from your customer experience measurement results (an adaptation of processes, communication, training, etc.).

Compliance audit

An auditor, certified by BVAMS, verifies the application of your standards and your processes.

You identify the differences between your expectations and the reality in the field on dimensions such as cleanliness, POS, regulatory displays, schedule displays… At the end of the visit, the auditor can give the information directly to the authorised person and illustrate it with dashboards and photos from a mobile application.

Depending on the option chosen, the auditor may put the missing elements in place.

The mystery visit

A mystery shopper, selected according to the typology of your customers, carries out a request for information, an act of purchasing, returning a product … and evaluates the associated ceremony.

You will identify your strong points, your areas for progress and can lead your employees and partners in an ongoing drive for improvement.

These indicators can be accessed in our online restitution tool or uploaded into your information systems. An alert system also allows you to identify and rectify unacceptable situations without wasting time.

Mystery shopping missions can also be carried out with your competitors in order to check the market level, the evolution of standards and provides you with an idea of the quality delivered.


A team of expert distribution consultants accompanies you to develop your questionnaires, build KPIs adapted to your challenges and define a plan of action.

Our expert consultants develop the customer culture of your company as well as your good practices (additional sales, selling ceremony, …) by running workshops, seminars or training courses…

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